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Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group

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I was sort of getting my hopes up when my husband and my doctor tried to convince me something I knew wasn't true … that there was any medication I could take, or therapy or surgery. So there was a bit of a let down when the neurologists looked me in the eye and said,
"I wish I could say your low Vitamin D levels were the cause, but I can't" I just know things are going to get worse and just trying to cope as best I can. I also deal with Major Depressive Disorder so this could be an issue of worsening down the road, but for now I just deal with what is before me. Sometimes I just cry, a nice release of tension, or go to bed early, or do something I can still do … like play video games. While the neuropathy started in my feet, it is also now in my right hand. When I rest my hand on hard surfaces it hurts, but fabrics are comfortable, so I sometimes wear a compression glove to help with that. I don't mind sharing, I find it helps the anxiety and depression a little … Ask me anything, if I can help I will try. A friend is anyone who is good to you.

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@newzbug you never know what will work. Vit D may not work for most and it may not be known as a cure, but it could be a cure for you. And of course we all need vit D and it will make your bones strong. So keep up keeping on. Depression can cause negativity. It does in me. Are you taking anything for it or going to therapy for it? As for the hand, have you had it checked for carpal tunnel? It might only need an operation to correct it.