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Speedy (@speedy)

Turmeric taken with Synthroid

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Hello @speedy and welcome to Mayo Connect. You have posted an interesting idea. At Mayo Connect, we have previously had conversations on Tumeric, please see https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/turmeric/?pg=3#comment-42377 for some of our members’ comments. We would be interested in knowing if you are interested in this for yourself personally or for a friend or family member? Are you taking Synthroid now? Teresa

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Thanks for the reply Teresa. This post was for myself. I’m 74 and had my thyroid gland(cancer)removed at 9.
I starting taking Tumeric three weeks ago and felt energized plus arthritis pain and muscle soreness decreased. This week I felt hyper and was urinating frequently. Stopped taking Turmeric. I’m in great health, 6’1″, 208lbs. Work out at YMCA and or walk 7 days each week.

Like the benefits of Turmeric. Any input would be appreciated.

@speedy I am glad that you shared some more about your question. Here are some Members of Connect who have shared information about their use of Tumeric, @lisa54 and @bonniecanby. @vonbaron36. I hope that they will join you in this conversation. I see from your post that you took Tumeric about three weeks ago and stopped because you felt that you were having side-effects. Since you stopped the Tumeric, have the side-effects ceased or are they diminished? Also, did you discuss this with your doctor? Teresa

Side effects have ceased.. Started Turmeric without consulting my MD.


I have taken both for three years.

Have you noticed any changes?
What is your daily dosage?
Why are you taking Synthroid?

Thanks for responding