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Nasal drip after surgery for HCM

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Yes it did.

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@janicepike Hi Janice: I’m sorry to hear of your non-stop post nasal drip, that sounds like it must be very annoying. How long ago was you surgery? Have you talked with the surgeon or anesthesiologist regarding this reaction? Teresa

What would the anesthesiologist have to do with this? I do not get why you would cinsider asking them? No harm meant.

@janicepike I was thinking about a possible allergic reaction to the anesthesia – I suppose this would be a remote possibility – however since you are looking for answers for this problem I hold the idea of never leaving “a stone unturned.” This is certainly just a suggestion. By the way, @cynaburst and I were both wondering how long ago your surgery was. A month, a year, etc. Teresa

January 9th of this year. Almost 6 months out. Never felt better.

@janicepike I’m glad that you feel better! Have you been offered any suggestions by your doctor regarding the persistent post-nasal drip? Teresa

Not much, just the zertex, and singular, that i was in before the surgery. Tried claritan D, did not do anything for it.