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Kidney renal mass biopsy

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Hi @trishanna,

You might be interested in reading this information from Mayo Clinic, which details the procedure, how you prepare, results, etc of Nephrectomy or kidney removal: http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/nephrectomy/home/ovc-20326175

@trishanna, when you are able to, please update us with your progress; Connect has a few members like @charlie1947, and our very own Mentor @rosemarya, who've written about their journey and living with one kidney. We wish you all success.

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Two weeks out from surgery - removal of my right kidney. Still do not have results from pathologist - is no news good news, I hope. Healing seems okay but complications from surgery continue. Does anyone know when one can sleep on their right side?

Hi, @trishanna. It must surely be a relief to have this procedure behind you. I am afraid that I cannot answer the question about sleeping on your tight side because I did not have that procedure. When I had my transplant surgery, I used pillows to prop me up for a while. Have you tried that? Or even sleeping on the sofa where you can prop with pillows, and also get extra support from the sofa back.

I always like to tell myself that no news is good news. But the unknowing is terrible! Did your surgeon schedule a follow-up appointment? Maybe he is waiting until then to share with you.

You mention complications from the surgery. Can I ask you if this is being treated? Any time there are complications, I believe you are justified to call your doctor and find out what to do about it. After what you've gone through, you don't want any more stress on your body.

Let me know what you find out. I hope you feel better soon.

@trishanna, Oops, I just realized that my surgery was in the front lower left quadrant, I'm not even aware of where the surgery was for your procedure. Rosemary