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Kidney renal mass biopsy

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A year ago I had a MRI of my abdomen where they saw a mass on my kidney. This was followed by a biopsy of the mass and it was found to be malignant. I had few options since I have chronic low kidney function. It was suggested I have an ablation of the mas which is done by a radiologist. They did the ablation successfully and all the followup scans have shown the mass is no longer a problem. I am being watched with different scans every three months in part because I had lung cancer 4 years ago and surgery removed the left lower lob of my lung. So far I have been fortunate in both instances since there hasn't' shown to be any other trouble spots. I am comfortable but lingering is always the thought that it is not "if"they will find something but "when" will it be. I am 86 years old , care for a 62 year old special needs daughter so that keeps me going. 0ther tan that, for my age, I am in good health and continue to live independent, cook, take care of my house and drive my car...

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Thanks for posting - I find your words encouraging!! My right kidney will be removed on Friday - condition unknown. A bit scary at 78, and I've a relative who needs my care, so I am less worried about possible cancer than about being able to do for the two of us!!!!

@trishanna, I am thinking about you. I pray for your procedure to go well.

I do live with one kidney (due to a transplant) and I will be here if you want to talk.