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Kidney renal mass biopsy

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@trishanna, your anxiety and disgust are understandable, and with those under wraps, a conversation with your urologist is called for — first to find out whether there was a link between the growth on your kidney and the pain and bleeding in your bladder. It’s hard to imagine how those symptoms might be related, so the doctor needs to focus on that when you talk to her/him. The second opinion should come from another urologist rather than a radiologist, who is not certified to deal with kidney diseases (only images from radiology).

Colleen Young has included a link to an earlier discussion of cysts on a kidney, and my own experience is featured in that discussion. If you can take a look at that, you’ll know better about where I am coming from based on my experience. Martin

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Yes, thank you – I took heart from your comments about waiting and watching. Just can’t understand this inability to communicate. Radiologist said that the “urologist just sends us his biopsy cases and has no idea of the problems we face. We can’t always do what the urologist wants.” Sounds like you had a doctor with whom you could communicate. My hunt for anothet urologist is on, but the one I have is very good. In our area we”re a bit limited in excellent-to-good doctors. Btw, did you ever have surgery?

Appreciate your comments. Things move slowly – going for an MRI this week, ordered by my new urologist at a new facility, who said previous MRI was unacceptable because machine used was “too old.” It’s now been 3 months and I never heard from previous urologist, except he was quoted as saying “i must come back and have the biopsy.” My new highly recommended urologist says absolutely not. We will see. i guess.

Hi, @trishanna. Sorry your kidney mass is still haunting you, but it’s good to hear that you may have found a good and attentive urologist. Let me review the points of my own experience that I think provides some questions that your new urologist — or a third one or fourth — should talk over with you.

First, my kidney cyst was a secondary image that appeared in an MRI of my bladder, ordered by my urologist after resection of my prostate. In fact, the cyst was (and still is) located on an adrenal gland on the outside of my kidney. It became a subject of interest to my nephrologist, who was diagnosing and treating my hypertension, the cause for which was a mystery. She knew that adrenal tumors can become rogue glands that produce excess amounts of aldosterone, an adrenal hormone that plays a central role in regulating plasma sodium and potassium and arterial blood pressure. But my hypertension was caused by an inherited kidney condition, not an adrenal tumor, and later MRIs showed that the tumor had not grown and remained the consistency of a cyst. So we are waiting watchfully.

Is your blood pressure a problem, @trishanna? Approximately where is the mass located– in the kidney or on it? Are there any other irregularities that might be blamed on the mass? For example, kidney function, imbalances in electrolytes, excess proteins in your urine, excretion of red blood cells? Has the mass shown any growth over time? Perhaps your new urologist can clarify more in these respects and thereby give you what I got from my medical team — confidence that my condition is manageable as is and that a decision about surgery can be made calmly and deliberately when the evidence becomes convincing.

Thanks for your comments. Is waiting and watching a problem for you? Part of my problem with the original urologist is that he told me nothing, which is how much, therefore, that I know!Only problem is the original: blood in the urine. Still there, but if I understood properly, the kidney mass CANNOT be the cause, so I actually have two problems. Won’t know anything new until after the MRI!

Hi, @trishanna. Waiting and watching has become the normal for me. At my stage in life (as a senior senior citizen), after cancer in my bladder (all removed and not recurring yet) and harassed by prostate growth, there could be some malignant spots down low in my groin, but watchful waiting is the way to go unless some real discomfort occurs. So I watch pretty intensely for symptom signs and try to hoodwink my medical team into another MRI every year to see whether any masses are showing up or getting larger. So far, so good. I don’t plan on any more surgery, although I’ll consider it if it offers the chance for a cure or maximum recovery. Martin