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Livedoid vasculopathy and thrombocytosis: related?

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Hi Linda,
I add my welcome to @patientrea's. We have some incredible discussions about LV here on Connect. I encourage you to read them here:

- LIvedo Vasculopathy or Livedo Reticularis (whole body face white) http://mayocl.in/2qoA4jr
- Treatment options for Lividoid Vasculopathy (LV) http://mayocl.in/2cH8jhA
- Livedoid vasculopathy http://mayocl.in/2dd7pKa

Also, I added thrombocytosis to the title of this discussion to make it more specific to the question your asking. How long have you had thrombocytosis?

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I thank each of you for your answers. Actually, LV is very new to me. I've had an ulcer on my ankle bone for about 5 months. I
was hospitalized because doctors thought I might have osteomyelitis, which it turns out I did not. But I did have extreme pain in
my foot and up my ankle. Which I assumed was from infection. I did have a graft while in the hospital. Since being discharged
I have been seeing the podiatrist/ surgeon I saw in the hospital (just by luck). He was the one who really investigated what was
going on with me. As I have been seeing him, I asked him to check out my other ankle, which had a white looking sore and seemed
to me like I was going to have the same thing happen. He then called just the other morning and told me to learn about LV. I
have had essential thrombocytosis for at least 25-30 years. Seems like a life time. Funny thing is, in the last year my meds for
ET got mixed up and I started another drug (hydroxurea) which could also cause the sores. I have just changed that and have
added a 325 aspirin. I understand the platelets can cause a lot of problems for healing. So, in regard to the ulcer I do still have,
I put santo on it 2x a day and I have been having a compression cast put on once a week, for 3 days. This combo, just started
about 3 weeks ago has been helping and my ulcer has started to change and look better. I feel a little better because my podiatrist
is great, always inquiring about way to treat me. And now my hemotologist is working with him. I guess I am looking forward to a lifetime of this. Not to happy right now.