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Hi Mike in Florida,
Welcome to Connect. I’m so sorry to hear about the prolonged neck pain and stiffness that your wife is experiencing. I’m tagging some of the other members of our group to see if they may have experienced this as a side effect of MAC or its treatment. @cila @Paula_MAC2007 @heathert @kwilbur @kaystrand @josephene @pamelasc1 @laneyk @windwalker @mac47 do any of you have any thoughts about neck pain as a side effect?

Mike you might also be interested in this discussion about MAC antibiotics and side effects http://mayocl.in/2lOXMCy

If the doctors say that this isn’t a side effect of the drug, did they give you any ideas as to the source of the neck pain? Is your wife moving less due to toll of taking the drugs? Might this be a contributor?

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I am not on the three drug regimen that most are on. So, I cannot answer
that. I get stiff neck from being on the computer too long. Exercise is key!
Keep moving around.

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