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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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I have read so much about stem cells for pain in general. I live in Florida and have looked into where it could be done. Problem is, my insurance does not cover this because it is considered experimental. The costs can be VERY high, depending on what exactly you would need to meet your issues.
Has anyone priced this process out?

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my experience shows it varies by location. Mine was $7000 for knee, $1000 for the back. Would do it again.

Wow! that is great! I know the costs vary from location. They actually vary from office to office.
How did you find your facility? The only research I have found on specific facilities comes from the facility themselves.
Would you be able to tell me a little about the process for your back? What happens? How long should it last??
Thanks for sharing,

I talked with others that had knee done from Toledo office. Dr is also U of Toledo sports dr. I look at regenexx web site ad they have offices around the country. Read their research on others that was very detailed. Watched the Mayo Clinic web on stem cells for arthritis.
The back was pretty simple. The first day they draw blood out of the arm. The second day they inject the stem cells in the back. Go home, relax, lay around, walk, 4 week later back on the golf course. I do stretching exercises every am . Otherwise i feel it would fail.

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