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cPAP silicone allergy

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I just started using CPAP and was given an Airtouch F20 Mask – within 2 days I developed severe acne around the perimeter of the face mask. The supplier replaced it with another Airtouch F20 Mask but this one had a foam cushion attached to the silicone. Same result – except it got worse – started with a sore bridge spot on my nose. After the 2nd night usage, I developed a huge boil at the upper bridge of my nose, acne (white heads) all over my nose, the roof of my mouth swelled and my lips had a numbness to them. Anyone have this reaction so quickly and what did you do to rectify? Thanks

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Hello @cpapboy, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I currently use an AirFit F20 full face mask but I have tried the AirTouch F20 full face mask and it didn't work as well as I thought it would for me. Also, you can't clean it like the normal mask. You have to use a non-alcohol CPAP wipe or it will damage the memory foam. I also think they told me you have to replace the mask every 30 days but I'm not sure. I was getting the CPAP nose and cheeks and talked with my sleep medicine PA and she recommended making or buying a cloth cover for the full face masks. She told me about the CPAP Comfort Cover that some of her patients used and I went online and bought a set of 2 of them. They work great for me and I generally wash them once a week by hand and switch them out. I now have a stock of the comfort covers and can switch them more regularly. Here's the website if you want to see them – https://cpapcomfortcover.com/comfort-cover-choices/full-face-mask-covers-nose-and-mouth/

You might have a silicon allergy causing the reaction to the skin. If you do have an allergy, there are CPAP masks made of fabric – https://circadiance.com/sleepweaver/

Can you talk with your sleep doctor about the reaction to the mask?