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Thoughts from a Caregiver...

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This thread is me the last week. 8 days ago we took my husband of 62 years to the Senior Behavioral Health Unit at the local hospital for evaluation. We had spent two sleepless nights with him, and he was seeing people who were not there and insisted every reflection in the windows was a person staring at him. We are waiting for placement in a Care Center as I just can’t take care of him at home anymore. This has been the hardest thing I’ve every had to do. Tears come easily as I visit with church friends, neighbors and families. The hardest thing was his accusing me that I was trying to get rid of him every time I went to visit. Last night was much better. Maybe the new meds they have started are beginning to work. I will find out more tonight.

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Hello @rmftucker I wish you strength on this portion of your difficult journey. I wish there were words powerful enough to express my thoughts and the support I feel for you!

May peace and strength be yours in plentitude these days.

What a hard thing to do. I want you to feel support from me. Grace and peace.

I hope you found your husband contented tonight. You are in a very difficult place but it is right for your husbands wellbeing. Take courage that it really is better for him there where he can be cared for. Keep loving on him.

@rmftucker I believe I understand, last year I placed a family member in an inpatient geriatric psych unit and she felt it completely unnecessary, but I knew better. As a result she was put on some meds that worked (and are still working) beautifully. She even admitted that she is feeling better. Take heart – you know what you did was for his good and I believe that will give you peace in the long run.