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Do Bronchiectasis and MAC go together?

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: May 8, 2021 | Replies (66)

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Welcome to Connect, @tfritschy; we’re so glad you’ve joined us.

I would sincerely encourage you to view this ongoing discussion, MAC/MAI) MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM COMPLEX PULMONARY DISEASE/BRONCHIECTASIS, http://mayocl.in/2pMrIBX, as well, where you will find so many caring and supportive members. While we wait for others to join in, would you share your concerns/fears about treatment options with us?

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I’m glad to have this forum available for questions and support. My reluctance to do the antibiotic treatments was primarily because of some noted side effects, particularly potential hearing/vision loss. I’m a sign language interpreter and both senses are critical for me to be able to do my job. Five years ago I had sudden sensorineural hearing loss to a degree that affected my work, and I’m terrified to think of losing more. I already wear glasses and am concerned about that getting worse too. Needless to say, if I can’t work I can’t afford my incredibly expensive health insurance! My pulmonologist is aware of my history and considered that when prescribing meds, and I will follow up regularly with my audiologist and ophthalmologist. Has anyone on the forum had issues with these specific side effects?

Hello Teresa and fellow Patients of Respiratory Disease. I agree this site is a great gift from those who share our Journey.
Thanks to Mayo. I ask members to be patient in receiving my posts as I am a 64 years young Widow who is self taught
in the Computer Tecnology world. My young grandchildren know more. Hahaha
I would also like to draw attention to the many Medical terms often used by those on this site. Appreciatively and
understandably, knowledge of our personal Disease can be reflective in the language skills that come from our
Medical Team who introduce us to them respective of our Disease. In being careful to not paint all with the same
brush, I find myself having to do research to define some medical lingo written by informed patients. I guess what
I am respectfully asking is that we keep that in mind as we communicate with each other.
Thank you,
Unsure as to how I can send to a group, to all who have reached out to me will you forward this
to fellow Members Teresa?

Hello Teresa,

I am new to this blog as well. I have not had this side effect after almost 1 year. I am on 3 antibiotics daily and go for an eye exam every 6-8 weeks as well as a blood draw for liver function. I am just now finding out that it may effect my hearing. My doctor or pharmacist never mentioned about hearing loss. This is something I will check into.