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Two Kinds Lung Cancer and dealing with other issues

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Hi Nancy:
Proper diagnosis and proper treatment are key for a good quality of life.
If you trust your doctors and their teams. Be brave. We are fortunate we
live in an era where the medical technology is so advanced. Everyday
researchers who are dedicating their lives to cancer are finding amazing
cures. I'm an example of great follow up and the best care.
My husband loves telling people I'm in better shape now than before VATS
surgery to remove most of my left lung. I have learned how to be resilient
and practice taking care of 'me' with diet, exercise, practice breathing and
letting go of stress with meditation every day.
And now there is connect, with amazing people to share and support you.
Let's keep connected! I'm thinking of you.
You deserve a cyber hug,

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Linda, So thankful for your reply. I have a great lady oncologist, her partner I will meet on Thursday. The surgeon who operated on me and diagnosis me told me about my oncologist so I trust her, sooo her partner I think he is from Japan or China. I have to Trust someone.. I am a old lady, perhaps I am in the "old" days as information regarding stuff I know nothing about. It's hard. Will keep you posted. Nancy

Dear Nancy:
You will continue to be in my thoughts. I understand "old" and I laugh at myself. Age is just a number, right?
Take care and let's stay connected, ok?Linda

Hi everyone, (shortshot80) Well yesterday I had to go to the hospital in Salem, The assistants put on a blue plastic sheet, then pumped it full of air and molded the stuff around me. I was in a cocoon with my arms above my head, while they did several cat scans, marked my tummy with ink. This was the simulation of what will happen next Tuesday (real thing). I had my arms up for about two hours. They still hurt. Can't lift or reach anything.We started home and had to stop for about half hour - 45 minutes for a "wreck". Arrived home, picked up the mail, stopped at the store, came home, boiled some eggs, cooked some macaroni for salad. Cooked pork chops, put some biscuits in the oven Company for dinner. She brought apple pie & ice cream for dessert. All in All the day was great. Now comes
the hard part for the next three weeks as the radiation starts on June 2 and then for the next two weeks. Total of five radiation therapy.

@shortshot80 Hi Nancy: I'll be thinking about you next week and wish you well with your radiation treatment. You are a real trooper to come home from a day like that and still have company over for dinner. Bravo! Praying for peace and strength over the next few weeks. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Teresa

Teresa, I had scheduled the dinner before I knew about the simulation day" I could not "unschedule" the dinner. I do not as a rule have dinner/lunch guests and as this was special I could not change the date in one day. I sure slept great last night though. As now the emotions are right at the top of my 5ft frame. I start the radiation on June 2, hopefully I can get control of myself by then. I go to bible study Wed. evening and share with the group, that helps too. I just seem to be so tired, I suppose part or most of the tiredness is emotions. I wouldn't be so tired/emotion...after a surgery//at least I haven't been in the past. Now surgery is just too dangerous according to the doc. Guess I'll have to go with the flow... Nancy

@shortshot80 Nancy: You are certainly "young" in heart and spirit! Teresa