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Two Kinds Lung Cancer and dealing with other issues

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@shortshot80 Hi Nancy: Thank you for taking the difficult step of posting us when you were at a low point. That took great courage and I admire that! I can understand how devastating this diagnosis can be. I've had 3 cancer surgeries and each one has carried with it the thought, "I just can't believe this is happening again." Sharing your disappointment with others is wise and healthy. I agree with Linda's suggestion of getting a second opinion from a specialized research center like Mayo. It can make all the difference in the world! As I live in SE Michigan I went to Univ. of Michigan Hospital for my 3rd surgery and it was a much better experience. Best wishes and please keep in touch with us. We are all in your corner and routing for you. Teresa

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shortshot80 (nancy) January 22,2016 I had a surgery where the surgeon placed a four foot plastic hose in my left lung to drain it. Four days in the hospital (St. Vincent's) Portland,Or. They did all kinds of stuff, found I have "mesothelioma in my left lung and plain old lung cancer in my right lung. Doc explained the meso in in the seems of my left lung. Nothing to help that! Cancer of my right lung can possibly be helped by several things. Perhaps surgery, radiation, or I don't know what else. I have to talk to the doc in charge of the radiation next Thursday. BUT I think I would rather have surgery than radiation. One of my daughter in law's had cancer back in 1997 had radiation and then died within 10 days. Radiation scares me. So I don't know what to think.Last several days have been very emotional. Also very tired, I am 84 and all this is really hard for me. Nancy

Will keep you in my prayers, I had radiation for a local reoccurance in chest nodes..The only thing I had was alot of inflamation and difficulty and pain when I had to swollow due to the location of radiation, Everyone is different ...good luck to you and your decision.
Stay strong. . Merilee

Merilee, Thank you, I'm not really sure that I want radiation.. I think I'd rather have a surgery if it possible where ever the spot is. I know it is in my lung, but which one, I'm not sure. Think it is my right lung. I just know I'm too old for this stuff. shortshot80 / Nancy

Nancy I did have surgery/ chemo when my cancer was first diagnosed stage 2A non small-cell Adeno carcinoma in 2015 at that stage I was able to have surgery... approximately six months later I had radiation due to some cancer in the lymph nodes in the chest that the surgery and chemo missed the first time around ..that is when I had the radiation.. If the doctors feel surgery is a possibility then you have options. Good luck to you

merrilee, Thanks, I am just very emotional with hearing "radiation" Guess it's the stories of radiation days gone by. Used to be a nono.
I have the appt with the radiation doc on Thursday. Will see what happens with that. Thanks for your feedback.... Nancy (shortshot80)

Thinking of you and sending you many blessings.
Hugs, Linda

(shortshot80) Nancy, Today is Wednesday, May 31, I an finally get my arms down enough to pick up dishes and put them in the cupboard,, takes a few minutes longer than it used to. They are still tender. ,my wrist too. Also I have somehow hurt my foot and now to go with my lovely apparel, I have a "boot" to wear. Kinda hard to match the colors as I am always wearing "colorful attire. My gosh I am having trouble spelling this morning. Tomorrow my day will be going to see the Doctor to help me deal with all this stuff. Should be interesting . Friday is my first session of Radiation. Then two more weeks, two times a week, for the radiation, total of five sessions. My oldest son lives with us, (he has been living here for two years to help both me and my husband of 66 years. He is our "chauffeur for any and all appointments. My number three son will be here by Saturday to drive me next week. Have to go to Salem for the radiation treatments. About 65- 70 miles away from home. Sometimes I take a book to read on the trip. Hey everyone thank you for your support! It is really nice to "talk" to other people. I am so fortunate not to have any pain this last year and half. Will see what will be coming next. Nancy

@shortshot80 Thinking about you, Nancy. Thanks for the update. How nice that your sons are available to assist both you and your husband. Family is great, isn't it? Praying for you and wishing you well as you have your appointments and radiation treatments. Stay strong and keep up the great sense of humor (I'm sure that your colors match quite well!). Teresa