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Two Kinds Lung Cancer and dealing with other issues

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@shortshot80 Hi Nancy: I'm sorry to hear that you have not been well. It sounds like you have had a very difficult time. Do you have friends and family nearby for support? I so appreciate your comment, "No treatment of any kind yet, and also no pain. Am fortunate for several things." You appear to be taking a positive outlook and that is great. It looks like you have a lot of tests coming up. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Teresa

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shortshot80/ Nancy)
I have been here before, now, yesterday my oncologist says I need radiation on/in my left lung. Next Thursday I will meet with a new doc to me/cohart of my oncologist who takes care of the radiation part. I had a pet scan couple weeks ago, that is what determine's my
radiation. I have to also go another 50/60 miles for the place they do it in. That just shook me as I wasn't expecting that. I was diagnosis Jan 22/16. I haven't had anything but good reports up till now. I guess I expected good reports for the rest of my life! DUH! I'm an old lady who didn't expect anything like this for the end! Now What? I came home last evening, my husband is hungry so when's dinner. Don't know just a few minutes and I'll fix something. Well I can help (he is 89) oh yeah! So I go into the kitchen, pulling a couple things out of the frige, knocked a cup of coffee all over the counter and the floor. I'm tired and started to cry as I cleaned it up. Finally got it cleaned up, floor mopped, and stuff on the stove. Well the oven isn't working......gosh oh gee...what else. Well hubby got his dinner but I'm just bushed/ over whelmed/teary/tired.... you name it. "just my normal self. Anyway here I am. Looking for????

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for having the courage to share your news with us. It's not easy getting bad news. We can be so strong for so long and then BAM. It's not helpful that you then came home to the demands of the "normal routine" of serving and being wife when your world just shifted beneath you.

I'm bringing in @llwortman @merilee @hopeful33250 and @burrkay into this discussion. They've been there and know what you're going through.
We're here Nancy and we're listening!

Hello everyone, (shortshot80) Well my day yesterday was very informative: I listened to the Doc who is charge of "radiataion" in my area. And with full support from my oncologist I will start radiation soon. I will have on the first trip a "trial radiation where they will be telling me just how to lay/stand and what ever else that is for me to do during the real thing. I will be having five sessions of radiation.
Two per week for three weeks, which includes the trial run. I don't have the dates yet, they will call with that soon. I really liked the doc,
hi is six foot /five and very kind, informative. Asked how anxious I was, and a whole lot of other questions. He did a exam on me. Listening to my heart, lungs,. We were at this meeting about two hours at least. So soon things will get done. I will keep you posted! Thanks guys/girls for all your input/caring/prayers. Nancy

Good luck to you..keeping you in my prayers..stay strong..you got this..Merilee

I love the fact that you had two hours with a doctor you like. I had the same experience and I am sure this great care helps our mind & body better "deal"! It is fun to hear he is 6'5" and kind;-) Did you takes photo together? I am continuing to think of you daily. So glad you will keep Connected! You deserve a big cyber hug!
All my best, linda w

I'm so glad that your doctor gave you explanations and time to answer your questions, address your fears and concerns and make you feel more confident in the treatment options. The "trial radiation" is called a simulation. This helps them get the machines lined up properly so they can target the area that needs to be radiated. The machines are noisy and big, but I like to imagine them as strong transformers fighting to do the job. The simulation takes a bit of time to get everything just right, but you'll see that the radiation treatments themselves are quite quick.

Do keep us posted. Knowing more about your experience will help others who are going something similar.