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Sudden Hearing Loss

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Hi Tim @squaredancer – you’re dealing with enough issues for several people! I’ll think of you when I’m tempted to complain.

11/7 isn’t very far away. It’s so amazing to think about all of the miraculous things doctors can do!

I’m often asking questions when I get a new prescription. I see so many doctors that I know they can’t possibly know what all of the others are prescribing me.


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Hello Jim.

It's been a long time since I have been online and just saw your mail.
Its's been a really busy time since March 2017 when I went through the initial surgery in getting the cochlear implant.
March was first one, when the mastoid had to be removed to prevent complications from occurring after the implant.
The implant surgery was in September and they turned it on in November.
Those were both major surgeries and both were very successful.
After all the adjustment appointments I can hear bettern now then I have been able in 6 or 7 years.

During all this time inn 2017, it was finally determined that I had osteomyelites in the mandibles.
This is what has been causing all the pain in the left jaw bone.sice 2014.
Of course the source of this disease was all the radiation I have been through.
So the doctors decided to do major jaw reconstruction surgery and only gave me 50/50 survival.
It was completed in January this year.
They use bone, blood vessels, muscle, and skin from the lower leg ( left) to replace the section that had to come out.
I was in ICU for 12 days, then 2 weeks in hospital rehab, and then another 5 days to complete skin graft on the leg.
They ran out of time on the initial surgery, which was 8 hours.
I am still recovering from it today.

So that is why I haven't been online since last year.

Hope you're doing well.



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