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Side effects of kidney transplant meds

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@rosemarya, Thanks for your response. It is a good idea to contact my Mayo transplant coordinator for my refill on the Zofran or any other prescriptions when I get a push back from my local Nephrologist. I have my 2 year follow-up in August with Mayo. I didn’t contact Mayo because I was told by Mayo doctors that I was released to my local Nephrologist who would take care of my prescriptions. I’m just a little disappointed. When I had my first kidney transplant at Chapel Hill Hospital in North Carolina, my nephrology team took care of everything, any prescriptions I needed, I got from my nephrology team. They took great care of me. They were very confident and very skilled in their craft and understood that taking care of the entire body (within reason) was directly related to keeping the kidney functioning. When I was depressed, they prescribed an anti depression medicine for 6 months, they didn’t say go see a therapist. When I had the flu or was sick they would prescribe medication or put me in the hospital, they didn’t say go see a PCP. My kidney transplant lasted 15 years and didn’t fail until after I moved away. I’m sorry I have that comparison to think about, Chapel Hill nephrology team set the bar high. On the bright side, I must say that Mayo have the very best physicians and I’m grateful to be under their superb care.

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@hardaway3, It does get confusing, doesn’t it. And it sounds like you are caught up in the middle of things that is even worse when you are not feeling well and need relief. I firmly believe in going to the primary source, which is Mayo transplant in my situation. Did you have anything to let the nephrologist know that you are released to his care? Is it possible that he overlooked it? My PCP, who is basically the only one I see regularly, tends to file my ‘huge’ report from Mayo. It is me who takes the responsibility to remind him, when needed. Perhaps this is because I was out of his care by GI, local transplant clinic, then Mayo transplant – He is still a great doc. And I already dread when he decides to retire!
Let me know how this works out for you. I want you to know that you are one of my heroes! 15 years with your kidney 🙂 Do you mind if I ask what caused it to fail? I hope that you continue to do well.
I invite you to look at some of the Transplant discussions. I believe that with your experience, that you more that qualified to join in.
Would love to hear more from you.

@hardaway3, Did you get your medications worked out? How are you feeling, now?

Thanks for your support Rosemary, I do have an office appointment with my Nephrologist at the end of the month. We’ll be discussing my current medications at that time. I feel confident that things will go well. Hope all is well with you. Stay strong & healthy.

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