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Osteoarthritis at 32 female

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Hi latersbaby15, I’ve been there, done that! I don’t see tramadol on your list. It’s the only one (and I’ve taken all the ones you listed) that works (at least a little bit) for me. I take 50 mg and the script is for 3x a day but I only take it twice – once in am and one before bed. I still have some pain but if I miss a dose that pain is much more. I take the third in the afternoon on days that I am in more pain. It takes care of the OA I have all over but my knees are shot — bone on bone — and there is nothing that helps them. I have to walk with a walker so as not to put all my weight on them. I wish you well and if you find anything else helpful would appreciate your sharing the info. Best to you.

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Never had those meds and physical therapy only last for a day or so

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