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Hello @veriska, @crenhov, @ritafarmer, and @cairnmama, welcome to Connect and thank you for posts about Prolia for osteoporosis. Thank you for jumping in and addressing @veriska‘s concerns about the side effects of Prolia.

I would like to also invite @kayelle, @tessie, @dolan, @janicec8957, @donna13, and @jaleen, to share their experiences with taking Prolia for osteoporosis in this discussion as well.

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Justin, I am senior ‘moderate’ density, next injection due Jan. 2018. As you know every 6-mths. so I’m due for 5th injection. I read Vit. D doesn’t do much, if useful at all however, with Calcium I faithfully take both. At 95 years of age my Mother broke her hip. She will never walk again. I suffer hip/back stiffness – maintain appts. with chiropractor. I don’t want the injection anymore, but I will ask doc for new scan. If the result doesn’t indicate improvement I would like to know the next step, if available.

Thank you for your response.I have 3 doctors involved. Due to all my conditions my doctor is stating he does not want Prolia injected in me due to the side effects.I have all side effects. I'm so concerned in pain,numbness,falling, major depression,swelling,and can't remember what day it is. They just keep adding more meds.I feel no difference.Im 59 and I have had enough fatique,feeling bad,doctors,therapy. I'm lost, I have no support till I seen this group. Should I fall, I get worried who what and when someone would notice! I'm to young for all this,fingers hands numb,can't stand long.This all started by looking into me having MS. It has become a nightmare! I'm upset daily.And looking at the drugs they want to inject,I would hope at one point they would show me the images of my spine and lesions on my brain.Its something new all the time. I am having my 3MRI this morning at another hospital??? Don't get it.Havent worked for 2 yrs,and lost everything,home is next.SSD hearing is feb2018. I've been denied,so I had to hire a laywer.Doctors said no work,what is a human to do? It's just me and scared to death!

Have you been tested for lupus? Symptoms same.

I have been treated for O.A. for three years. I can't remember the pills I was on nut had side effects from that. So have now had 2 shots of Prolia.
I am a participant in the 'Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging' (CLSA) and this week, I was at McMaster for my testing. My height is now 5' 6.5"…. my original height was 5' 8.25"…. YIKES!
Is this a lot of height loss in just 5 years???
I am going back to my GP, with this info, but wondering how others have found their disease progression.
Thanks for your input!