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Sandy, I do not know what he means with point of origin. I have never heard that frase. But maybe someone else in the group can enlighten us about it. My cancer was in the cheek. No other place or point of origin. I understand that your husband’s cancer is HPV related. I will try to research about this cancers. Have you been tested for HPV?I know there is a vaccine for it, but do not know much more about it.

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Loli, the PET scan only revealed Squamous Cell Carcinoma.. not HPV related!

Sorry. My mistake! Loli

Loli.. not your mistake!! I am confused.. the dr has us confused! First he says yes its HPV then after the PET scan, he says not HPV, then again says, he thinks its still HPV even though the scan says no! We still have no date for Omaha… and I mistakenly thought I could stay at Hope Lodge, only to find out its still in construction until the fall of 2017. Do you or anyone know if its allowed to stay in the room with my husband? I will sleep in a chair .. I dont mind!! And are there showers available?

Hospitals have different rules for spending the night with your patient; but I am pretty sure you are not allowed to use the shower in their bathroom. I recommend you take a room in a near by hotel. Sometimes, they have specials for patient’s families. You will need to rest and be fresh for your husband. You might want to spend the first night with him, and then go the hotel and rest, and shower before you go and stay with him again. Your husband will be in good hands at the hospital, and you need your strength for when you come home with him. You need to take care of yourself, to be able to take care of your husband.
Love, Loli

@loli and @chapmanswife Hi I just wanted to weigh in on the discussion about hotels near major hospitals. If you contact the hospital they might have a listing of hotels nearby that do offer reduced rates. When I went to Cleveland Clinic (about a 4 hour drive from my home) I occasionally stayed at a “discounted” hotel. The price reduction was very good and they were very accommodating to patients going to the hospital (with maps on how to get there, etc.). How long will your husband be at the hospital after his surgery, @chapmanswife? Teresa

Hi Teresa! I dont know yet how long he will be there. He has an appt next Fri in Omaha to discuss surgery so I guess we will find out then!

@chapmanswife Does this hospital offer a specialty in dealing with this type of disorder? Teresa