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UTI and Kidney function.

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I'm deeply sympathetic with you and your mother @douglasd, but I'm unable to unravel the mystery or mysteries posed by her medical experiences the last two months. Medical expertise is needed from specialists beyond the emergency room. The essential diagnosis of a UTI, combined with high temperature and the recovery effects of antibiotics bring urinary tract infection directly into focus, but that also may be diverting attention from other possibilities. Her initial loss of kidney function -- presumably a Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) of 50% -- was not particularly critical; lots of people her age have GFRs in that range. Dropping the GFR to 20% though raises questions needing immediate answers from nephrology; for example, what do blood tests show about the results of this reduced kidney function? What explanation was given you for her very high blood pressure on January 1? Was that associated with her seizures? Has an endocrinologist been consulted on whether her seizures affected the hormones that control kidney functions? These are some of the questions I think you need answered. I hope you have access to medical specialists who can provide the answers.

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Thankyou for your reply. To answer the questions you raise, we were given no answers. She has had high blood pressure, but nothing as dramatic as this and was taking medication for it. Her doctor ( general Practitioner ) and her Oncologist said they didnt believe there was anything more that could be done. And the fact that she had no fever at that time seemed to show that she had no infection. My reply to that is that we are dealing with a lady with a very compromised immune system because of the MS. Maybe her body was not responding as it should to infection. Now that she is back on antibiotics, maybe she will improve somewhat. Im under no false illusion that my Mom will be running a marathon any time soon. I know the MS has scarred her brain and its terminal. Its just odd that Dec 31, I had a lengthy talk with her and 8 hours later shes having seizures. She and my Dad live by themselves and my father didnt realize that the constant need to urinate.... with little output... means she had a bladder infection. We are not sure then how long she had the initial infection, but probably better than a month. The biggest problem for my mom to see a specialist is that they will not come see her in the rehab center. So its a very disruptive, lengthy process to get her in a wheelchair and load her in a van and drive her around, just for them to say they cant do any more. If she rebounds from this fever, you can bet I will be so much more insistent on finding the cause of her current condition.

@douglasd, How is your mom? I am deeply concerned because she is near my age, 68. When you said that her primary doctor and her oncologist sais that they didn't believe that there was anything more they could do, what did they mean? There is no easy to ask this, but, iI she facing end of life issues? This topic along with compassionate care needs to be discussed with them in detail, and appropriate care should begin.
You said that it is too disruptive to move her via wheelchair to van to doctor. Is it possible for you to arrange a medical transport, maybe thru the rehab center, to get her to the specialist that you mention?
I am thinking of you, and your dear mom.