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I believe I have low blood magnesium. I have Celiac disease and have been on a PPI since October so while I wait for the cardiologist to approve my aid I'm going to supplement magnesium and get a serum test for magnesium (my potassium and calcium are fine).

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I strongly agree with everyone else here in that the best thing you can do right now is calm down and have faith in your Dr.s.
Among many problems I have one is a rapid heart beat. For years I would tell DR.s how I could "feel" my heart jump and I was just ignored because they could find nothing. After a surgery they couldn't get my heart rate to ever go below 100 and hung out around 140 most of the time, especially if I was active. I just lived day to day until one summer afternoon my heart rate just went crazy!!!!! I felt a bit "off" and measured my oxygen levels and my heart rate. Finally called my husband and had him take me to E.R. because heart rate was stuck at 280 . The Dr.s felt their only option was to stop my heart and let it start again to establish a more natural rythym (which it did) they gave me ANOTHER RX to keep my heart slowed down and it is back to a steady 100 give or take a pump or two lol
So don't worry so many things sound so scary and serious and end up being a distraction we learn to live with. I will send up a prayer for you.