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I got in with cardiologist. My pulse pressure is 60 (120/60) and was repeated several times over the course of an hour for accuracy. My pulse never dropped below 100 and the doctor was able to hear the pauses in my palpitations. He walked me into the hall and said that I needed an immediate stress echo and a holtier monitor to wear afterwards. However after the receptionist heard I have no insurance she refused to do the test or even schedule me one for the future. I'm terrified. Something is obviously wrong. I've been crying all day. I called around and every cardiologist in my area is the same way and I don't even have another 200 dollars to just shell out on a doctor again anyway to be told oops sorry can't help you. My father died of CHF at 30 and my number is running up. I don't smoke or drink or anything and was pretty active up to this point. This isn't fair and I don't know what to do except panic. I've applied for financial aid that I'm positive I'll get (I am a single father and bring in less than a grand a month) but it's gonna take at least a month to be approved.

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This sounds so unfair! Please calm down and be patient. Worrying does not help. I do not know what else to tell you; but I am living proof that it might just be benign. You have done what you could do. If it had been a matter of life and death, the doctor would have sent you to the er. Do not stress further and be patient. When this happens to me, I just put myself in the hands of God. I have a very strong faith.

Hello my name is Yulander Dawson I am a Benefit Cosultant. I was reading your post and I understand you do not have insurance, I do not solicit anything, but I understand your pain. *Feel free to private message me.* I hope this is helpful

Hi Yulander @ydawson,
Strictly speaking your kind offer to help Incrediblemulk goes against the Terms of Use on Connect. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/terms-of-use/ "You shall not ... post or otherwise publish through the web site any material which: .. (ix) contains solicitations or advertisements of any kind" Therefore I had to remove the link from your message above. I know you weren't soliciting, but rather trying to help. Thank you!

@incrediblemulk98, please contact Yulander by private message if you wish to exchange emails and discuss further.

A relative recently had a cancer diagnosis and no insurance. Someone set up a Go Fund Me account on Facebook and friends, family, coworkers, stranger, etc pledged enough for her treatment. If you get this set up, please let us know so we can help. In the meantime may God comfort you.

Pretty much all you describe can be perfectly normal for you. I have had the same thing for 20 years and still dong fine but it can be very scary. I don't know your age but it is a common occurance I am told. Also stress makes it worse. So they tell you to try and relax but pretty hard when your heart is thumping away and skipping beats. I do my best to ignore them and often it is days when I realize all of a sudden that they have lessened or stopped. A good hard cough will usually stop them for a time. Sorry you are having such problems with getting tested. Where do you llive?

Go to the ER. They cant refuse anyone that needs treatment.