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Let me share my story. I am 58 yrs old. I have always been really active by walking, biking, hiking, etc. February 2016 I started having some stiffness. I thought maybe it was stress related. Then it became worse and I had pain in my upper arms, thighs, neck, and buttock muscles. I couldn’t get an answer from a physician. They kept trying to dose me w rheumatoid arthritis.
I was on vacation in June and I met a lady who was describing her symtoms to me. She had just been diagnosed w PMR. Her symptoms were exactly the same as mine. I went back to my Dr and told her I believed I had PMR (I understand it’s hard to diagnose). She did some blood tests, found my inflammation factors to be high and the determining factor to diagnose was, immediately when I started taking the predisone, I felt completely healed. That was on 10mg. I read up on side effects of predisone and I don’t want to take the medication, but find that I can’t move wo it. I am now on 5 mg. I still have some pain and stiffness, but it is manageable. The dr wanted to put me on methaltrexate and I refused. It has been a year now. I find that stretching, even though it is painful and going for short walks helps. Some days I feel normal, but most days it is evident I have this stiffness. (I have named it the FRANKENSTEIN DISEASE)! I still get up and work every day until noon, and I try to get a couple of hours of rest each day. I am more tired than I use to be. I have read others stories that talk about people going into remission, so I am praying for that.
Barbara Rene’

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Hi Barbara, your beginnings of this disease are a lot like mine. How are you doing these days? I hope you are in remission. Roger

My PMR began in the summer of 2017 as I was under stress when my mom passed in the spring and my husband was in and out of the hospital. Like others, mine started with stiff neck, moved to shoulders and hips. I diagnosed myself and then met with my GP. She measured inflammation level @ 49%. She eliminated other possibilities and soon I was taking the awful drug, Prednisone at 15 mg. Had all the usual side affect, and now have many more. A few months later my husband passed away and my health ran far downhill. In February 2018 And with the aid of an Eastern Medical doctor, I took some control by changing diet..no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol, no fatty or fried foods. I eat protein, (good quality chicken or fish), vegetables and fruit. I have steel oats and eggs in AM. I take good supplements as well. I gradually reduced from 15 mg Prednisone to 1mg (stay on 15 for 4 weeks and then reduce by one mg every 2 weeks). All was going ok ,but suddenly in mid August 2018 fainted and was omitted to the hospital.
Now I am on a completely new path. Out of hospital I increased to 7 MG Prednisone ( the doctor wanted more and I refused). I am on the same food plan but now increasing anti-inflammation foods (fresh pineapple, spinach, turmeric, ginger- blended with coconut water each day). Here is the most important- 3 weeks ago I began with a healer. 6 weeks ago my inflammation rate was 39%. Just this week it measured 6%. Think about what this healer Is doing for me. After just 2 sessions and doing my correct breathing every day..39 to 6. My journey with him included learning how to breath.,learning I was sick because of all the “stuff” such as fear, hate, control, resentment, anger, inability to let love in and out..and naturally a high level of grief..long term crap that gets stuck in our bodies..not allowing room for good cells to generate. I am so happy that I am on my way to full recovery. I also see a medical massage therapist and a chiropractor. The prednisone is now killing my bones.. was told I need hip replacement. Not sure if I do or not, but I am sticking with my healer as I can walk and move without pain.