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What? Mayo Clinic >> Mayo C does not cover Medicare/Medicaid. Is that right?!

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not on united health care duo

I have a good SUPPLEMENT to medicare.

not sure what you mean by the above statement, i know they take medicare however i am on both as i am with uhc

Hi Mari and Starrlight,
Mayo Clinic does accept new Medicare patients. Mayo Clinic is one of the largest Medicare providers in the country. Unfortunately, we can’t honor all requests we receive from Medicare patients who want to come to Mayo Clinic. We accept Medicare patients in all parts of our practice where we have the capacity to accommodate them and most importantly, as the medical needs of these patients require.
You can read more about Medicare and Medicaid at Mayo Clinic here:
– Insurance types accepted at Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/2lJ3mXO
– Charitable Care and Financial Assistance at Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/2lodlG8

You may also wish to see people talking about this in the Visiting Mayo Clinic group
– Medicare and Mayo http://mayocl.in/2iss7GB

Colleen thank you for your ans.  however i called Mayo Insurance and Billing and was told they no longer accepted this, then called my insurance and they confirmed it. i have Duo complete which is Medicare/MedicaidStarrlight

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