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Autoimmune hepatitis and xarelto

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@etnocaha, I would like to join Colleen in saying, “Welcome”. I do not know anything about the drug that you are taking, but I do know that there are some drugs, over the counter and prescribed which can cause elevated liver enzymes. Thus, routine monitoring is encouraged. In many cases, lowering dosage or finding a replacement drug can result in a return to normal liver enzymes. In your case, since you mention auto immune hepatitis and fatty liver, I encourage you to get a referral to a GI (gastroenterologist). Often the liver will heal itself, but you need to know what is going on and what treatment might be necessary.
If you do indeed have a continuing liver condition, the GI will become your best friend!
I invite you to keep in touch. Let us know what you find out.

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I disagree that "the GI will become your best friend".
Not always.
I am a 69 year old male and in 2017 I became seriously ill.
After 8 days in intensive care, I was sent home with the diagnosis of AIH.
This diagnosis was assigned to me by a student.
I do not fit the demographics for this diagnosis.
Shortly after the diagnosis, this student took off to Africa for several months to do work there.
I was left without a doctor for this period of time.
My health situation was caused by a home remedy and I was unknowingly poisoning myself.
I have protested this diagnosis from day one, but the doctor refuses to change it.
No follow-up or referrals were ever done.
Shortly after returning from Africa and due to my extreme protests my case was turned back over to her instructor. She has been neither helpful nor co-operative.
AIH is a rare disease and difficult to diagnose and yet a student was able to make this diagnosis in a matter of 8 days and after I had been told for the entire hospital stay that "it was a mystery" and that they didn't know what the problem was.
I am now in the process of gradually withdrawing from more than 5 years of 5mg Prednisone with the monitoring by my PCP.
My new Gastro guy refuses to overturn the diagnosis and is only interested in protecting the previous doctor.
AIH should only be diagnosed and managed by a Hepatologist.