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Liz1 (@elizabethbryant)

Alone with a cancer diagnosis

Cancer | Last Active: Mar 24, 2017 | Replies (7)

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Thank you for starting this topic Elizabeth. I hope you don’t mind, but I changed the title to “Alone with a cancer diagnosis” because I think that this is a situation that many find themselves, regardless of the type of cancer. I’m bringing @berit into this discussion, as I think she may have something to add to it.

I hope that an online community like Connect can help reduce the isolation. But I know it is not a replacement for human contact. To face this journey alone is lonesome. Elizabeth, have you looked in in-person support groups in your area? I know @hopeful33250 talks about this quite a bit.

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Thank you Colleen, I did need assistance with the topic. I have severe dysplasia and my issue is
what to do about it. The surgery to remove stage 1 “C” on the surface was successful but I have
various opinions on what to do with the amount of dysplasia. this set in about 2 or 3 weeks after
surgery. I did not have radiation as the pain never left and I have lichen planus in this area that
is painful also. To control the pain and do some treatment whatever the malady affects one’s attitude and brings hope.

I don’t think we should loose hope but try different options, md trials, herbs, vitamins, oils, etc.
and look into proton radiation etc. A world of knownlege to share one patient to another, especially
if one is sharing the same diagnosis.

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