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Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) - Let's talk

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I am looking for others who have been on a ventilator and were able to get off and how their life is now. I was on a vent for a month, had a trache inserted after ten days which remained for an additional month àfter i got off the vent and am having several complications from the experience….foot drop, peripheral neuropathy in both feet, and nightmares. I posted more info on my wall if you want to read it. I am hoping there are others on this site who can relate to what I am experiencing now.

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I had ARDS, a trache for about six weeks, pulmonary embolism, 4 week coma, kidney failure & dialysis, paralysis, plus other complications. I had to relearn to walk, relearn to use my hands, relearn to swallow. The nightmares are the worse though. I'm five years out now and still going to therapy. I would recommend stay in therapy. I write about my experience and hope to speak to others about it one day. I have good days and bad days. Some medical professional were kind and some were not. There is a Facebook page called Post Intensive Care Syndrome Group you may want to join too. I find the people on there to be very helpful. They have had been kind to me.