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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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I’m glad you’re @contentandwell , Jk.

The doctor threads leads up to the area that isn’t firing right, and zaps it so it no longer functions – or malfunctions. I have SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia), which means somewhere in there will cause the heart to speed up suddenly, usually not lasting very long, at least for me. It’s a very unpleasant feeling. I took Ativan one time, and BP went up to 180bpm.

I googled it to see what it was, after the cardiologist told me he needed to do one. I think it’s pretty straightforward, and will cure the problem, plus, I get to drop one med.


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@jimhd thanks for the explanation. It sounds like it nothing like my liver ablation then, where they basically burned out the malignancies. I’m getting to learn all kinds of new medical things on these boards.

After I last wrote, on Friday morning I woke up in terrible abdominal pain. I’ve had a small intestine resection, 45″ quit working; a mega toxic colon, 80% of my large colon removed; peptic ulcers removed and scar tissue resulted. I had surgery for the adhesions from the scars once, and had at least 2 bowel obstructions. So, when my stomach hurts that bad, I head to the ER. I was in the hospital for 2 days, with an NG tube, which I’ve endured a number of times, but by Friday evening, I couldn’t breathe, had chest pain and tightness, and thought death was imminent. Pretty soon, I had a swarm of people working on me. When they pulled the NG tube, and I could focus on breathing and relaxing, I wondered if I was having a panic attack because of the tube. It’s hard to explain how it felt when my service dog came on Saturday, and flew up onto my bed next to me. We were so glad to see each other.

Thankfully, the obstruction cleared up enough so I didn’t have to have another surgery. I was afraid it was going to mess with the schedule for cataract surgery, MS assessment tests, and especially the spinal cord stimulator implant, not to mention my therapy session and a doctor appointment and a cardiac ablation. There’s just too much going on right now.

I’m glad to be back home.


@jimhd, were glad to have you back home Jim. I dont remember if you and i have talked before but it sure sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I hope everything goes smoothly here on out. Love back at ya, Judy

@jimhd Jim: I am so happy to hear that you are back home and that you did not require surgery. I’ve had 2 surgeries of the upper digestive tract and I know how difficult it is to have an NG tube! It sounds like you came through it all quite well. Take it easy and rest well for the remaining tests and procedures, I’ll be praying for you, my friend. Teresa