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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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@jimhd Hello Jim. It has been a week or so since we have heard from you. How are you doing? As I recall you were planning on having an implant to help deal with pain, have you had that procedure yet? Keep in touch with us. Teresa

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Sorry, Teresa, for not writing to this group. I reported to a couple of others.

I had the spinal cord stimulator implanted last Tuesday. On the drive home, I told my wife My feet don’t hurt! I had the implant pulled yesterday, and during the week it was in, the pain was down by around 90%! Some days, my feet didn’t hurt at all, and the day we went to town shopping, they only got up to 2 or 3. Amazing! I’d forgotten how it felt to walk through a store without pain.

Unfortunately, the permanent implant won’t happen for around a month. I had cataract surgery on my right eye yesterday, and will have the left one done on May 2. I have a cardiac ablation scheduled for April 27, and then an MRI on the 4th. The brain and spinal scans are part of the MS assessment a neurologist is doing. The implant surgeon wanted to wait until after the MRI, so swelling or anything else from the implant wouldn’t skew the scans. It’s all happening at once, which is kind of overwhelming. The new therapist started a few weeks ago, and I’m counting on his help to survive the next 30 days. Meanwhile, I just have to deal with the pain, but that’s made easier knowing that eventually the spinal cord stimulator will be in place, and the pain will be greatly reduced. I’m incredibly thankful to God for the doctors and researchers and the staff who developed this and make it possible for me to get one through Medicare. My wife is looking forward to seeing me reduce the amount of morphine going into my body every day.


@jimhd I’m so happy to hear from you and glad to know that your pain has been reduced with your “new hardware.” That must be a real blessing to you! I also appreciate your attitude of “thankfulness” in the many different areas that you mentioned. You do have a busy medical schedule coming up and I will pray that all continues to go well for you. Keep us posted as you continue on! Teresa

@jimhd It sounds like a lot is happening for you, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?
I had a liver ablation due to malignant lesions in my liver but what is a cardiac ablation?