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Mayo Dr. Sood Dealing with Pain

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I’m currently reading Guide to Stress Free Living and it’s already changing my life, not even half way through! The man is brilliant and I’m grateful to have found this book. It’s hilarious too. I am lucky to be booked in one of his workshops, but may have to push the date back due to scheduling issues.

I’m paying my college freshman daughter $25 to read it. I am friends with her university president and just sent him one. I told him it needs to be required reading for every student. This is seriously medicine for the soul AND body. It’s already reduced my pain a great deal and I am much happier. I can not reccomend it enough. I will read his other books as well, but am hoping they will be available on kindle soon as it’s often hard to hold a book for me. It’s all so simple, yet truly miraculous! May the universe bless Dr Sood for his work.

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I read your post re the book “Guide to Stress Free Living,” (Mayo Forum) and found that on Amazon there are several books by that title.

Can you share the author with me?

Thanks much! And I love that you pay your daughter to read valuable books! We told our twenty something daughter that we would pay for her wedding if she read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover.” She not only read it, she and her hubby live by it, and are now parents of 3 children living debt free! She gives it as wedding gifts too.

Thanks again,