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Two different types of lung cancer

Lung Cancer | Last Active: Nov 30, 2019 | Replies (18)

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Hi Nancy,
Welcome back.
Wow, the last part of 2016 was not kind to you. I’m thrilled to hear that 2017 has started off on such a positive note – no growth in either lung! And you were able to walk into the appointment.
I’m tagging fellow members @bestcare @burrkay @merilee @alicantina1 @llwortman and @pearlgee so they join in the conversation.

Nancy, have they found a reason for your falling a lot and and fainting episodes? It would be nice if 2017 could mean fewer broken bones for you. Are you taking or doing anything to help manage the depression?

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Nancy: Welcome to connect! As a lung cancer survivor I am glad you are sharing your journey, this may help your depression
So keep opening up.
I can tell you this, dr Amit Sood’s paced breathing project and workbook followed by his great books best helped me survive, breath, accept cancer and rise above it with the brain body connection.
I hope you are taking time…a lotvofvtime to focus on you and your healing. I spoke to my body and told the cancer to leave and don’t come back!
It hurt to move…but realized moving out door at a snails pace, everyday, helped my pain and depression!
The book Happiness, is great! Or think about googling Dr Amit Sood and following his weekly suggestions…it all really does work at giving us a great quality of life, one day at a time!
You deserve a big hug!

Hi, The first fall i did was August 3, I was at the gas station, tripped over the bumpers you park next too. Anyway I hit so hard and just that hard fall made my right leg feel that It was bending backward. That is what started it all. I started falling in the house about the 20th of Sept. I continued falling up to the 1st of November. I broke my wrist on the 1st of Nov. by when I fell my left arm hit the floor, I knew I broke it. Went to the hospital, they confirmed the break, put a soft cast on it. With all the things going on I didn’t drink any water or anything. Next morning is when I fainted. I was taken to the hospital kept there over night, sent to a different hospital for the next three days. Fainting is caused be many things. Pain, no fluid in your system among a bunch more things. This has been an experience that I don’t want to have again EVER!

Your article is very interesting. I read a lot about lung cancer and mine is very different apparently. There is no cure. Recently, though, I just entered a trial for lung cancer and my type was included. Adenocarcinoma of lung. No more surgeries available to me. I hope something will come out of the trial. We are in Gods hands. I try not to be sad but there are times when I just want to cry and scream. On top of that our finances have dwindled and we have to sell our house and rent. Now I’m cleaning the house and trying to pack. I’m reading “Heal thyself when no one else can ” by Amy Scher. It has exercises in it and I’m impressed. I will look google Dr. Amit Sood and look forward to his weekly suggestions. Thank you for the information.

Hi Bestcare, here is Dr. Sood’s website which includes much of the information from his book and teachings. http://stressfree.org/happiness/ You may be interested in following his one-week online program ‘Happiness: A One Week Journey’. It’s free.

Hi Bestcare, wow you have had a ruff ride!
My wife was diagnosed in 2015 with stage IIIA adenocarcenoma…a VATS bilobectomy was done at Mayo Rochester…then as a safety precaution she had 5 rounds of Cisplatan chemo. The poster boy of chemo…very rough journey!

Doctors said all looked good in the fall of 2015…then July, 2016 they re-staged her with Stage 4, and said the cancer was now in both lungs…ordered Opdivo immunotherapy, only to find out last fall that that wasn’t working.

Finally, they ordered a molecular profiling of her tumors and determined hers is a HERR2 mutation common in breast cancer. Less than 2% of the lung cancer patients get this type of lung cancer!

December 29th she had her first infusion of a Trial chemo “cocktail” of herceptin/perjetta which is approved for breast cancer but not lung cancer.

Bottom line, I would suggest you ask your oncologist about a molecular study to determine what the mutation is. Today they seem to be trending to target the mutation instead of the organ with what I understand to be much greater success.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Well, I forgot another little story. While I was at the doctor getting my wrist taken care of the the doc, noticed my right leg and said that I
had Shingles. Duh, just what I need. Well it took a whole month and then I had left over pain for another month. Lots of fun had by all!
Over most of the stuff, now am taking physical therapy for my wrist and leg. Next week on the 23rd, I will have surgery for Varicose veins on my right leg. Hopefully after this is done I will be able to concentrate on other things. I did post a new item couple days ago,
that I did have good news after visit with my cancer doc. Cat scan showed no new growth to speak of. Great report, Thanks to many prayers and God! I have my whole church behind me, thankfully.

Bestcare, I can relate to the crying, Sometimes it comes without warning. It is good and OK to cry. I have been going to a therapist and it helps. They listen, make a comment if necessary, My lung cancer (one) is Mesothelioma (not curable) Mine was found one year ago the 22 January. My cancer doc, told me last week, that the cat scan showed minicule growth. This is something great, but also this at my age 83 really hard. I also have plain old lung cancer in my right lung. It hasn’t grown very much either. But just the thought of either of the cancer, makes me cry. A good thing is that it is now instead of 50 years ago. Nancy (shortshot80)

Hi Nancy (shortsho(t80) It was great of you to respond. It did my heart good to hear from someone even older than me, say that it means something scary and somethimes sad to say, ” I have Cancer” People think because your older that you shouldn’t feel as bad as someone 50. But in reality, it does mean something to you. We just don’t feel ready to toss it in just yet. But I realize that the Lord has been very good to me and I have no complaints. I don’t think you do either. But older or not, we still feel sad about it.

I am happy for you and grateful you took the time to reply. It helped me. Have a Blessed New Year!! Bestcare