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Teresa, Volunteer Mentor (@hopeful33250)

Socialization and Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease | Last Active: Apr 2, 2017 | Replies (16)

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I like the article. I agree with the article. I do not believe it addresses some of our issues:

First – The hesitancy of others to become involved with us, or let us into their lives, circle, etc., due to the very medical issues that isolate us.

Second – If you are the primary or only caretaker of another person, it is not always possible to get away. I realize that there are resources, but, for most of us, time off is limited and must be used for appointments, running errands, etc.


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Thanks, @macbeth, You make some good points. Can anyone else add to this discussion?

Yes time off is ver limited. Example; while caring for my mother, the time before being there everyday and afterwards was taken up by my own appointments, appointments regarding my mother, her and my laundry, shopping for fresh fruits etc.. for mom and the list is endless.

About others taking the time or being involved, I spent over a dozen years lookung after my mother, in that time bot a single person stepped up to see if I needed a break. And since my mother passed away last January, no one has even bothered to see if I needed to take a break from mt pain of loss, of hurt, of greiving or of the actual pain of my illnesses. Hidden as they may be. I walk with a cane, due to car accidents and what I get is I don’t see anything wrobg with you besides you having to use a cane. They can’t see the actual pain I am in. Truth, they don’t want to.

This makes for a very lonely existance. OK I am going to be going to counselling for PD, but there are other problems as well. I will try to get involved with a support group. But all of these issues I have, have left me broke. There is the other side of having PD, Fibromalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome plus plus and plus. Being poor and broke is another stigma attached to my illnesses

I really dislike using my phone for this. I will use my computer from now on. It won’t be a quick response.

Thanks for continuing to share your story, @knightkris, it gives us a better picture of what you are going through. I’m sure that many others are thinking the same thoughts that you have expressed. Would anyone else like to comment?

I hear you, and your pain. Yes the lack of care shows how sick our society has become.