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Good morning @macbeth. You got this! You are right, it is not an easy path, but as you pointed out love is an incredibly powerful force. There were many, many days I would wake in the morning not knowing how in the world I would make it to sundown, but somehow we managed. Your inner strength has reserves most of us know little of until we are directed by love to tap into them. I have come to realize the only reason I could do what I did was due to this force of love. In no way could I do what I did just for money as a job.

You are far more amazing and incredible than you may know! We each can only do our best. We all have human limits. Love can help extend our range in all we do though.

My best half has been gone now for just over 5 months and my body is still struggling to not wake up every two hours all night. I am trying my best to adjust ‘naturally’ and regain my more regular circadian rhythms and have faith in my new GP that this will simply take a while after being in such a non-normal state for so long. My mantra is found in looking back and recognizing my wife and I were married for over 41 years. For the first 2/3’s of that she took care of me and our family as I chased the ‘brass ring’ in corporate America. For the last 1/3 I just needed to repay that favor. 🙂

I send you strength, courage, and peace!

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Thank you for the pep talk. That’s how I have felt, too, looking back at what a difference my husband has made in my life, and how he has taken care of me over the years. So, on we go.

Thank you again. Your thoughts and words have helped.


@IndianaScott Beautifully written, Scott. Thanks for sharing those thoughts!