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Heart Palpitations

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Oh, I hate it when the doctors can’t figure out what is wrong. Story of my life. So I’m assuming that these episodes did not occur while you were on the Holter monitor? or did they occur and just not show anything significant?

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Hi Jiggle,

Yes they did, I had 6 palps while wearing the monitor when I was awake and documented them on the form that they give you. Who knows how many I had while sleeping, that is unknown. I thought ok now they’re going to tell me something because there’s the palps in black & white on my sheet. When they reviewed them that said ” Your heart is working within normal limits ” I said what about the 6 palps, they said ” that was normal ” so I’m stumped.

That is weird. I guess I had assumed that you did not have any episodes while wearing the Holter and I was going to suggest that you request placement of a Reveal LINQ internal cardiac monitor — like I have. They can monitor your heart rhythm for up to 3 years with it.

Yes this is weird, that’s the first thought I had also, you see the readout and the palpitation right there in black & white but you say it’s normal. One of my cardiologist mentioned about an implant procedure like you’re talking about but I said to him if you guys say the palps you see on the Holter monitor are ” normal ” ( because this happened twice already ) then why would you see anything in a different way with an implant ? You said I was normal with the 2 monitors, so to me this implant is a waste of time.

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