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Getting off of suboxone

Mental Health | Last Active: Aug 18, 2021 | Replies (12)

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Hello @mskay, Welcome to connect. I’m tagging fellow members @sarahkristen82 @yourtreatmentsolutionscom @lolokimo, most of whom have experience with suboxone.

@mskay, does it cause side effects?

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Replies to "Hello @mskay, Welcome to connect. I'm tagging fellow members @sarahkristen82 @yourtreatmentsolutionscom @lolokimo, most of whom have..."

Sorry, your question does not relate to my question. Does what cause side effect?
If you are asking me if NOT taking suboxone has side effects , of course it does. I am expecting communications with anyone who is well aware of this drug and can offer personal or professional advice.

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