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Fibromyalgia pain: Let's connect

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Try marijuana with lots of cbd

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Thank you for the recommendation, Tonyc55. I did smoke it for about 8 months. It helped some for a while, but in the end it greatly lessened the benefits of most of my medications; plus, it’s very expensive for the good stuff. lol! I hope you’re enjoying a nice Sunday.Clownscrytoo  🙂

Wish this was legal in all states.

I think that’s a great idea but It depends on where you live. Im in NY and under pain management. Marijuana in my system is an automatic dismissal from pain management.

so the CBD oil that you put under your tongue it is pure oil CBD is that a good one can you take that if you take other pills from the doctor and does it really help if so how you just don’t feel pain or it makes you numb I don’t know never try the stuff but I hear a lot about it a lot of people take it I guess please get back with me thanks

so the CBD is a good one to try is the oil one good of that CBD oil I never try this stuff but I am in a lot of pain a lot because of my fibro and arthritis and other things please get back with me thanks

@tonyc55, do you have experience or an opinion about CBD oil?

Yes but finding out you should add a about 30%thc with it

what is cbd? a special nutrient in marijuana? I have access to a dispensery grower for medicinal and I don’t smoke so he make me flavored suckers. that’s why I ask..

Same here in CA. And they pee test you at your appts.

I’m confused, there were two people that posted that they could get dismissed from their pain management doctor if they use marijuana, CBD or THC? One person was in New York, and I think the other person was in California. I also am in California but my pain management doctor is the one who told me to use marijuana and so did my internal medicine doctor. My pain management doctor sent me to the doctor where I could get a license.

I use both THC/CBD 50/50 at night because it makes you sleepy, and I use CBD during the day because it helps the pain but does not make you tired. I believe all the CBD products have a small percentage of THC in them, about 10%. I realize in California, marijuana is legal for medical and for recreational, so how can they dismiss you? Are you sure that that’s not just your personal physician’s request? I was just at my pain doctor’s office this morning. As you all probably have to do, every year we have to sign paperwork but all the laws. Today’s paperwork I signed, was much stricter than it’s ever been before because of what’s going on federally, but nowhere did it say I would be dismissed if I use marijuana. As I said, he’s the one who sent me to get on marijuana.

CBD is an ingredient of the whole marijuana plant, that is purified down and used for pain. It is a lot more expensive than the THC, the THC is the portion of the plant makes you high. You can get them mixed separate, and they come in many forms. I use a flavored oil that you goes under your tongue. I also use patches that have either CBD or THC, or mixed. These are like any other pain patch but they have marijuana oil in it. I also get both types in the drops that I use when I hurt and at night, and I use a pain patch that is CBD that works all the time. And yes, for me marijuana in these forms helps a lot.

I also have fibromyalgia plus many previously broken bones, surgeries to put them back together, and the resulting issues from all of that.

The biggest drawback with any marijuana, is it is VERY expensive, especially CBD.

PS, I have tried to register and I may not have done it right.
My name is Jen

HI, I have found that the CBD ointments on pain points is very effective, and it doesn’t make me feel anything other than a relief of pain. My job is too mentally intensive to do in a drowsy state. I am always afraid of what the potency will be with tinctures.
I would use it as an all-over body lotion if the cost wasn’t prohibitive. Maybe I’ll come up with a lotion form and market it! Yeah!

You’re right I forgot all about the ointment. I have a jar of it and I rub it on the pain points. It works wonderfully and mine is only CBD like you said. I have found that any of the forms of CBD, drops, patches and rubs do not make you sleepy or tired at all. If you stay with the CBD and stay away from the THC, you shouldn’t have any problem being tired. I agree I hate that feeling.

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