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@noreenf, I had the RnY gastric bypass nearly 3 years ago and lost 85 pounds. I was 65 years old at the time. I have diabetes (still, although it’s much better now), and high blood pressure, and was using a CPAP machine at the time. I had lost and gained more weight than I can count over the years after my son was born. Most of the time, when I look at photos from those years, I was beautiful and my weight was just fine. However, between my ex, and my mother telling me I was fat, I grew to believe it. I had very low self-esteem at the time and was pretty easily manipulated. I know better now.

I had my surgery on the recommendation of my physician. I am so glad I did! I have maintained my weight, and recently lost 6 pounds when I started taking Jardiance for my diabetes. It is working well and I’m sure that is the reason for my recent weight loss. I don’t understand how some people gain weight after WLS. I can barely eat 1 cup of food at each meal. I try not to snack in between meals, and if I do, I always have nuts and fruit available so I can grab them. I love plain Greek yogurt (Fage), strawberries, Splenda, and ice in a smoothie if I want something sweet. It is filling. I also eat 4%cottage cheese as a high protein snack. You can put some fruit in it too if you like the sweet and salty taste, yum. There are many ways you may be able to take control of your situation. You still have your “tool”. Perhaps you can make an appointment with your original surgeon’s office and request their help in re-establishing your weight loss. What kind of WLS did you have? I belong to a couple of WLS private Facebook sites and can let you know what they are if you would like. They are very helpful and discuss many ways to get back on track.

Some of us will always struggle with our weight and our body dysphoria. I sometimes think I weigh 230 pounds rather than 148 pounds. I awaken in a sweat some days fearing I have gained all my weight back. But then I step on the scales and see that I am the same weight. I am always relieved. I am hoping the best for you. If there is any way I can support you I will do my best. Gail B

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I also had the RnY gastric bypass, 8 years ago. I originally weighed 275#, and lost 60# after the surgery, and I kept it off for 4 years.
I had spine surgery, a Laminectomy, at the back of my neck, that was supposed to relieve numbness and tingling in my right hand. It wasn’t carpel tunnel, they had done that surgery, and replaced disks through the front of my neck, the laminectomy, was the last effort to fix the numbness in my hand. Instead, I ended up with nerve damage in my neck, shoulders, both arms, and hands. So I was put on meds to take care of the pain, from the nerve damage, and I started gaining weight again. I’m on a different med now(Lyrica), but I had started “grazing”.
I am doing better lately, eating more fruits & salads, and feeling better about myself. I think this site has helped, too, actually getting responses from people. I really appreciate reading your responses, thank you so much. God Bless.

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