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@noreenf, as I said in my prior post, I lost so much weight on myfitnesspal.com that I am a huge advocate of it. I have lost weight in the past, like you, but not this well. That, my fitness tracker, and pool exercises have really kept me going. At my highest I was about 90 pounds more than I am now. On my fitness tracker you set a goal and if I don’t reach my goal I get so mad at myself. I keep upping it by small amounts but more often than not I go beyond my goal by quite a bit. If evening rolls around and I am not at my goal I jump on my recumbent bike and pedal away — BORING. My son’s boss recently bought the same fitness tracker and he tells me I would crush his boss. My son is so proud of me for having done so well. He is a real fitness addict, food and exercise.

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I haven’t heard before of myfitnesspal.com. What is it like, how does it work, & does it cost anything? I’ve always felt that I would do better with actual meetings, where I can talk with others who are dealing with the same weight struggle that I am. I’ve looked into a couple of E-meetings, but don’t get what I need from them. I can’t afford to join a gym, anything like that. I have a good treadmill, which I don’t use right now. I guess I just need someone to share the weight loss “work” with, and that gives me the encouragement to stay with losing weight?

@noreenf, myfitnesspal basic, which is what I use, is free and connects with your smart phone — Iphone and androids I believe. I personally shy away from meetings.
Myfitnesspal is what you make of it. Initially I was sooooo good. I would not grab some little snack on the way by simply because it was there, I realized if I did I would HAVE to put it into myfitnesspal. Some days I would try so hard to be good that my caloric input was not what they deemed was healthy in which case they would chide me and not give the end of day assessment! The end of day assessment tells you calories, fat, carbs, sodium and a couple of other things, if you have a fitness monitor that connects with your phone it also connects with that data and subtracts the number of calories it calculates you burned. Then it tells you if you keep that up what you will weigh in five weeks.
I am pretty much where I want to be, I would like to lose a few more pounds as a “cushion” so I have less incentive now and am cheating a bit. I had my calorie goal set at 1200 but now I have upped it to 1300. They add how many additional calories you can have based on that day’s activities. You can manually input activities too if you can estimate what you have done.
Get back on your treadmill. I know it’s tough. I hadn’t done the treadmill at my club in many, many months but I did it yesterday and overdid it. I was on it for more than a half hour and did three miles. My legs are very tired today but I did still go to my morning water aerobics. I swear, if I don’t exercise I gain a pound!
If you know other people using myfitnesspal, you can connect with them and encourage each other. My daughter told me about this app and she is my friend on it but she very rarely uses it. Occasionally she puts on a couple of pounds and then she does it until she loses that.