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I would like to suggest to Mayo Clinic Diet e-mail that I have subscribed to. I find it to be filled with useful and practical advice for maintain healthy diet and for staying on tract. It is also very forgiving when you get off track; encouraging to get back on track. Hoping for the best success as you continue your journey to better health. Rosemary

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Thank you so much!

Hello, Here is a link that has some great information which our mentor @rosemarya mentioned about Mayo Clinic Diet. http://mayocl.in/1HGxMMO
Here is a link of email subscription. http://mayocl.in/2gaozLj

I joined the Mayo diet Clinic, and it does have great advise, but it is too expensive for me. I know it can be said that not eating junk food would make up the cost, but I don’t eat a lot of junk, I have to eat what is on sale, and what is not expensive. So I end up eating rice, potatoes. Everything eat is roasted, baked, steamed, fresh & frozen, I watch my salt intake, not sweets, no sodas, I use stevia for sweetener. I do have coffee creamer if I find it on sale. So many days I don’t eat anything until dinner. The last time I was weighed I was 276…the biggest I have ever been. I have sever stenosis in my back and several bone spurs on my spine. I don’t have diabetes YET! I have neuropothy and take meds that may cause some weight gain. I am so frustrated! I have a three wheeled walker I use inside and out, and a cane if I go to the store or Dr. appts. Everytime I think I might have a few dollars extra for the month,a new health issue pops us, even though with Medicare I end up paying hundreds of dollars. I have gotten to a place I don’t want to see a Dr. for anything. I have tried every diet plan, institution, wight watchers, diet center, overeaters, I understand I am a emotional eater, and I try to watch it, but sometimes, food is the only thing that seems to comfort me. Does anyone understand this? I want to find a way to connect with someone who struggles and succeeds through it all. HELP

HI JJwest! Don’t give up! First, please have a GOOD MD assess your thyroid function. If you are hypothyroid, weight is gained so easily. I have hashimotos hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian disease, pre-diabetes, and began to balloon in weight when I was 19. Could not stop eating, or I got the “shakes.” An endocrinologist told me weight control was ESSENTIAL to controlling glucose metabolism and to preventing diabetes, heart attack, and endometrial cancer given my diagnosis. In 1977, My mom sent me a book about FIBER called the “Save your Life Diet.” Though it is out dated, it was a great incentive to me: https://www.amazon.com/Save-Your-Life-Diet/dp/0394498801 Well, since then I have including FIBER in my diet in the way of vegetables, bran, whole grains, dried beans (cheap, and makes great dinners and side dishes), high fiber breads and beverages, etc, and mostly chicken or fish. I have kept off the 20 lbs I lost in 3 months in 1977. I eat in moderation, constipating foods like cheese/dairy.. Nowadays, many products exist with fiber+ options. But simple cereals full of fiber, and oatmeal, are filling and help me avoid fatty choices. Supplement with Cinammon or fresh ginger to make it seem more “interesting”, if needed. With your cereals, you can use a non dairy “milk” that is supplemented with protein such as soymilk, oatmilk, almondmilk’ available at my nearby WalMart superstore. I find I am more “full” longer if I combine fibersources with proteins. Strawberries (fresh or frozen) are the most affordable of the gangbuster nutritious fruits, so I eat them in moderation, as well as 1/2 apple a day. I try my best to keep my weight within a 3lb variance of “goal,” for 40 years now. I have to say Fiber is AWESOME; filling & delicious, and inexpensive options exist. If you feel the urge to eat, consider substituting healthy “snacks”, maybe try 2-3 frozen fresh grapes with whole grain cracker dipped in yogurt. Eating them slowly may help you feel full faster. I wish you the BEST in your monumental efforts to be as healthy as possible.

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