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Jen, Alumna Mentor (@sandytoes14)

What Distracts You From the Pain?

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jun 22, 2020 | Replies (192)

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Wow that cow is amazing!!!

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@doxyjune Thank you. Do you know that if you click the @ before a user name the person will see the post quicker? Took me a while to get it. So thanks again and hope you day is okay enough.

Hi @parus no I didn't know about that function. Thank you for the tip. It is a bit cold and rainy here on the east coast, how is it by you? Thanks again for your help

@doxyjune You are welcome. We are here to help one another as best we know how. In the 50's and rainy. Thankfully it was not the freezing precip as predicted.

In socal. It is In The 59 but strong wind glow my of the cold Panic c ,heavy jackets today

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