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THR, Anterior Approach - 3 week mark

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Hi Leigh,
I add my welcome and am glad you’ve connected with Teresa already. I’m tagging fellow members to bring them into the discussion. @mnpat @grandmacheryl @popolopo @sma1952 and @tallteri have all had hip replacements and can share their experiences of recovery and pain management with you.

Leigh, I can imagine that you’re concerned about having surgery on the other hip in only 23 days from now since you are still experiencing pain in the first hip. Are you working with the physical therapist?

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I have seen my Ortho surgeon at 2 weeks, and yes, I am in PT 1x per week. I continue to do the exercises my PT has given me, as well as treadmill and recumbent bike.

What is the PT’s read on your progress vs. pain level?
Great to have GrandmaCheryl’s experience to add to your information gathering.

Kerlan Jobe in CA has been using stem cells in shoulders and knees.
This is their finding: With stem cells during surgery, less pain and faster healing. Its becoming more popular in South Bay, CA. @$2,000. at a time.
ie. Dr. Huber in Torrance.
stem cells give Amazing improvement w Parkinsons.

Oh yes, also i was told that My fat can be placed in my osteo arthritis knee pain area. $4500.​

​I wish u well.

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