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Itchy skin

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Hi @megwill100! I’m a little surprised to see your concern about itching in the Kidney and Bladder discussion, yet nothing seems to get less enduring attention than the itch. Maybe that’s because itching seems to be far more discomforting than it is hazardous. In my case, the cause of interminable itching is still unknown, and we’re not doing anything right now to identify the cause. In this discussion, we’ve dealt with chronic kidney disease and allergy histamines — apparently without much success.

We started instead with the standard dry air of winter as the cause, despite the excellent humidifier on my heating system. No luck. Then we checked out soaps, both laundry and personal bath soap and shampoo and cosmetics, looking for the ingredient Isothiazolinone (a “biocide” or pesticide that soap manufacturers add to extend shelf life by preventing biochemical reactions — the name is usually prefixed by such chemical signs as “metho-,” “benz-,” “octyl-,” or “chloromethyl-“). A non-allergenic soap helped somewhat, but not enough.

So a dermatologist took a look, threw in the towel without any contact tests, and prescribed: an anti-itch salve to eliminate the symptoms, but only for a few weeks before it’s limit on extended use kicked in. After that, the final tactic in the sequence has been shorter, cooler showers along with skin moisturizer lotions. Waiting now for Spring and higher humidities in the atmosphere. Fortunately, the itches are less intense and limited now to arms, legs, and belt line. If it continues in the summer, we’ll take another pass at my kidney disease and histamine sensitivity with contact tests of my skin this time.

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@predictable, ive been itching for over 10 years during all seasons. Especially if i become over heated. I have another dr appt on Monday and i have absolutely no hope of anything good happening for me on the itching front. Every dr ive had since my itching began has kind of said meh….and done nothing. I have read you can itch with hepatitis, lupus, fibromyalgia which i have, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, heart disease. Im just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope i can get my life insurance nailed down befor im diagnosed with something that will preclude my being able to even get any insurance. Bah humbug, Judy

Just got a compounded medication from a dermatologist at Mayo MN. Cream is vanicream with amitriptyline and ketamine in it for itching.

@upnorthnancy, hi. My name is Diane. I have been itching since the early 2000’s. Im crying as i write to you. Very depressed. How in the world did you get your dr to prescribe Ketamine? Thats a street drug. My effing doctors wont even prescribe xanax. I asked again for the last time and was told no. Flat out no.i swear i dont want to die but i can understand why some people kill themselves. My upper back and shoulders are getting full of scars. I dont know what else to do.

Diane~I went to a dermatologist at Mayo. I too have had this itching for many years. In the past I have tried many creams of which none have worked. It feels like my nerves are on fire. I have to use ice packs to get relief. This visit I was offered a prescription for the compounded cream of amitriptyline, ketamine in vanicream. Mayo Pharmacy filled this. It is not covered by insurance. It cost me over $150. I was so desperate for relief I paid the price. Another suggestion from the doctor was to take Zyrtec daily and lastly put moisturizer on and cover it with a wet cotton shirt. The creams she thought best are Vanicream, Cetaphil and Cerave. My upper back and shoulders also are scarred up from scratching. It is like you become possessed and cannot stop scratching and it just gets worse. The diagnosis was Pityrosporium Follicutitis and neurogenic dermatitis. I hope this is helpful in finding you some relief.

i so feel your pain i have suffered and continue to suffer 5 years know and counting my pain management dr prescribed the above paided over 100 for it it did not work tjis is a neuropathy not allergy

and that diagnosis is bull crap and we all know it THEY DONT KNOW

Sending you a hug, hope thing are better now!!!

@jin51, I want to welcome you to Connect. I am happy that you have joined this discussion about itchy skin with your compassionate message of hope and a virtual hug.
As a transplant recipient, I have had to endure periods of itching during my waiting time as my liver was failing. I know, too, the value of kind words like you have shared.
You are always welcome to read and/or participate in any of the activities on Connect. How can I help you to get started? What is a particular health interest that brought you to Connect?

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