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I think it’ll work but I’m an addictions counselor, so it’s really against my work ethic (are you laughing yet?). I used to use it when I was younger before chronic pain… I wish I could!

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Nope, not laughing. Medical Cannabis is non addictive. It is simply a pain reducer as well as it’s other uses. I see no ethical conflict. If your pain requires you to take Tylenol, then you can say you have a “physical need” for it. One can stop taking Cannabis without any withdrawal symptoms. Therefore it is not an addiction.

I’ve heard all and every side of this issue, both sides. All I was saying is that I am drug tested and cannot have any substances in my system, not even benzos, which are prescribed to me. This is just my life. I’m in Missouri so I can’t get it even if I do it if my profession.

How do you get it at one of the dispensaries in MN? I have tried it in CO and really liked the results. In MN how do you find a prescribing physician?Nancy Shermoen~

I understand your situation, but how can your employer keep you from taking a prescription drug that is legally prescribed by a doctor? I know this is all academic when you live in a state that has not legalized it.