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Any experience with medicinal cannibis~cbd ????

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Supposed to be very helpful for pain. No large studies, anecdotal. I tried it, not much luck. From doctors I’ve talked to I’d guess it does help some people, a lot, but you won’t know if you’re one of them until you try it.

Yes. I have been using it for about 6 weeks. I estimate that about 80% of my pain is GONE. If you live in Minnesota, and you have to prove it with a Mn drivers license, I can give you information on how to get it.

How to get what? If it is medical cannibis I would like to know how to get it in MN please.Nancy Shermoen~

Hi Nancy, My name is Rich. After much consternation, I decided to try Medical Cannabis. I asked my Primary MD if he thought I could benefit from Cannabis. He thought it would be worth trying at least. I have been taking it for about 6 weeks and am now a believer. I haven’t had this little pain in 13 years. I understand that not everyone will receive this kind of relief, but for me it is great. Attached is the web site for the Minnesota Department of Health. They run the show. All the information you need is available here.
http://www.health.state.mn.us/topics/cannabis/patients/index.html . Simply cut and paste. I saw a PA in Edina who basically weeds out the drug seekers, and OK’s us real patients. He then will have you see a dispensary closest to your home. Mine was in St Cloud. There the patients are treated with the utmost respect and understanding. They know that they are helping MANY people with their pain and this may be their last resort. Good luck to you if you pursue this.