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Welcome @mnpat! Let me introduce you to @sma1952 @hosta @popolopo who have had a hip replacement and may be able to tell you what it is like and help with your concerns and questions. I’d also like you to meet @ntp01, @predictable and @dawn_giacabazi who have some experience when it comes to knee pain.

When did your pain start?

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It has never gone away,I the last 4 months it is worse ,I can walk without crutches but I feel something is wrong.

Is this pain after a hip replacement? Have you been back to the surgeon? Everyone is different, but 4 months after mine I was back to walking for exercise (not long distances, but comfortable)

Thanks. I actually had a hip replacement almost 14 years ago, so I have experience from that.

I’m especially interested in hearing from someone who has had the original replacement replaced and what symptoms led to that.

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