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Pain And Changes In Weather...Am I Alone????

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Dec 2, 2021 | Replies (61)

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Coincidentally, @johnwburns posted a topic today about seasonal weather changes. In this case he was referring to the incidence of severe bradyarrhythmias. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/seasonal-weather-changes-and-incidence-of-severe-bradyarrhythmias/ but I’d be interested in his thoughts on pain and weather changes.

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@colleenyoung this is SO strange. I'm sitting here in such intense pain that I decided to give a search one more try on Bing regarding intense nerve pain. Low and behold I found this post that I wrote 5 long years ago. I will say that not much has changed except the nerve pain is more intense these days, especially in my neck and shoulders. I checked your profile and see you are still active with the Mayo Clinic. If you have any guidance as to articles here I could read that might give me at least some reassurance that I'm not crazy. I still think that weather has a profound effect on the pain I experience. We've had some really nasty rain events in the Pacific Northwest this last week. Not getting much sleep. The doctor has me on Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen and or Acetaminophen with limits set for a 24 hour period of time for both medications. Sometimes it helps and sometimes not so much. As for the weather theory, I get the feeling the doctor is humoring me and doesn't really think weather makes much difference. As far as getting more opinions from other doctors, I've pretty much had it. I'm getting too old for doctor hopping and, to tell the truth, I hate leaving the house. I live strictly on SS so money is tight and I've been dealing with medical issues most of my life starting with RA when I was just a child. I think I've had my fill of more doctors. I'm now in a wheelchair and using oxygen so exercise is limited but I move around as much as I can. So why am I here? Just looking for little self help tips that might give me some kind of pain relief if only for a few hours at a time. Even a good night's sleep would be wonderful.

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