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Non Small Cell Carcinoma Adenoma

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I agree with Coleen…consult with your doctor. However do not delay!
I am sorry to hear about your troubles, but be brave and confront it head on! Get with a local support group if you can.
My wife had surgery for NSCLC at Mayo in Rochester in May, 2015…Dr Cassivi used the VATs surgical procedure to remove two lobes from her right lung.
She then followed with chemo at her option, as she was stage IIIa…finished the chemo (cisplatin cocktail) last September. Scan at Mayo in October looked good.
In April this year, she returned to Mayo and the scan showed possible metastasis…she was told to wait 3-4 months – then rescan. We went back in July and scans showed metastasis into the left lung. SCARRY!
Mayo re-staged her to stage IV, and she is now getting Opdivo immunotherapy locally. Our local cancer center has agreed to collaborate with Mayo.
She gets an infusion every 2 weeks…then after 4 infusions they will do another PET Scan and consult with Mayo as to her progress..
We were told the FDA requires the patient to have had Chemo as a first line treatment, then a recurrence in order to qualify for the Opdivo therapy.
So far the two Opdivo infusions have resulted in virtually no side effects! What a welcome relief as the chemo was brutal!
We were told the trials of Opdivo had results of 40% success with either tumor shrinkage or stabilization. They are about to have another release of Opdivo combined withe carboplatin and another drug…which the trials are showing even better results.
We are grateful for the excellent care at Mayo. We are optimistic that the excellent care, coupled with a great support group and lots of prayers going up
Will help us get through this with positive results.
Best of luck to you!

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Thank you for your reply. I was told that Optivo was not an option for me or any of the monoclonal drugs. So its either chemo or nothing, or just treat the sxs. as they appear. So far, no sxs. Thank you again. Bestcare.