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waiting and scores

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@v1crew the waiting game can be so tough and can lead to a lot of emotional ups and downs. Some people find that working with a therapist or finding a support group can help with processing the feelings and make waiting a little more bearable. It can sometimes help to be around other people who understand and can relate to what you’re going through – maybe even learn tips or ideas about how to cope from them . The American Liver Foundation may have some resources of interest: http://www.liverfoundation.org/support/

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I had to fire my gang of therapists 3 or so years ago when I quit drinking! LOL. I know 3 people that have had kidney transplants, but no one with a liver transplant. I cope with it pretty well for the most part, but the anxiety before and after going to Jacksonville is the hardest. Always wondering what will my score be , how bad are the labs , how does the MRI look ,etc last time my score went up 4 points in 3 months , the time before that it went down a couple. You get there and think,”I don’t feel to bad” and you score is higher than the last time when you were feeling lousy. I always loved roller coasters , but I would like to get off this one. It gets old.I just try to keep busy with distractions, but the difficult part about that is that every aspect of you daily life is affected. The first thing you do in the morning is take a hanful of pills drink some of this and that and spend the rest of you day worrying about everything you eat, (diet) everything you touch(infections) and all the while making sure you don’t bump into anything or get a cut(bleeding) so it is kinda hard to stay distracted. but you just do the best you can with what you have to work with. I have caught up on a lot of reading I had been putting off because I used to work so muck, and I am slowly getting back into some of my less dangerous hobbies(model cars instead of real cars. Unfortunately, where I live there are not a lot of groups,as there is not a Hepatologist in the whole county. One of the reasons I am on this site! Here everyone can relate. Thanks for reminding my of the LF, I had forgotten about them. Have agreat day and thank you.