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gabapentin and muscle pain

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First time posting.
I have Chronic Pain over my whole body due to Chronic Lyme disease, bilateral peripheral neuropathy, blood clots, etc.
The point is that I too felt totally out of it with loss of memory, “goofy” or stupid, etc. when first put on Gabapentin. Then my doctor switched me to Gralise which is the extended release Gabapentin.
I still have some memory loss or slowness, but I had that developing before I got on any of the drugs, I take 3x600mg a day (in the evening) which has relieved most of the side effects I got from Gabapentin and I feel it really helps me.
That being said, I think your goal should always be to reduce the amount of medications you take, and I am trying slowly.
I now have 2 pain stimulators (electronic pain blocker). One focusing on the pain from my waistline down and a DRG (Dorsal Root Ganglion) stimulator that is specifically working on my feet. Although it took 3 surgeons and 6 surgeries, the original pain stimulator now works along with the DRG stmulator (only needed one surgery) using “burst technology”. I have had a lot of trouble getting them to get the units adjusted correctly and keeping it there, but when they both are working it takes my daily pain (at least from the waist down) from 7-8 down to 4-5 which is a huge difference in my life. Although I still cannot work, I am hopeful that someday I will be able to hold a job again.

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I’m glad you have experienced such relief from pain. I did the trial for a spinal cord stimulator (burst), and it was wonderful not to have pain in my feet for a week. I’m waiting for a date for the permanent implant, and have hopes for more of the same relief. I also have hopes that I’ll be able to reduce some of my meds. I think that MScontin, Clonazepam and Duloxetine cause drowsiness and memory issues, and it would be great to think more clearly. Beside that, maybe my wife will quit badgering me about my meds.

I have tried Marijuana, but the THC level is too high in what I bought, so it causes a level of incoherence with little effect on pain. I can get it legally here in Oregon, but the cost of the weed, coupled with the annual state fee and the annual prescription, is prohibitive. So, for now, it’s not a viable option for me.


I too have some questions about Gabapentin. I have been taking it for the after affects pf shingles 4 years ago.. The last month I have been having severe feet and leg cramps mostly at night. Could the Gabapentin be causing this? I also have chronic pain because of back problems. I have been told there is nothing that can be done. One July 17, 2017 I had the first of Medial Branch Nerve Block and will have the next on August 18. It has helped about 70% and I am hoping the next will help more. I also have restless leg syndrome.

I don’t know anything about gabapentin–except that our veterinarian has prescribed it for several of our animals! It seems to help them with pain issues immensely. Other than that, I know zilch. I, too, have restless leg syndrome. I’m not doing anything for it because it’s not too annoying or troublesome.

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